Food should be fun!

Being deliberate about food and sharing it with those you love should be a joy. Spoonme doesn't feel like a spreadsheet for your food, it feels like a burst of creativity and inspiration. Let's make delicious, healthy, food together!

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Who is Spoonme best suited for?

People who want to connect and eat deliberately with their loved ones and friends

Are you done with obsessing over some extra pounds you are carrying or if you hit your macros perfectly? We are too. We want to eat deliberately and healthy, but we want fun, friends, and community to be a central part of that. We want you to connect with people, eat deliberately, and find the food that others are posting that make your healthy (and delicious!) journey easier to achieve.

People who love to create content and share their love of food

We are building a platform that prioritizes the needs and wants of creators. We are in the early stages right now, but are looking forward to making the most creator friendly platform on the planet. If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to share what you eat with your followers.

Incredibly fast food entry, curated

Food apps should enable you to track your food quickly, while spending as little time as possible in the app. We don’t make more money the longer you stay in the app. We are trying to get you in and out as quickly as possible. We have a curated list of over 400,000 foods (that we are continually adding to) to help you quickly track what you are eating. And for those who prefer a more visual view, we have the option to upload a photo so you can see what you ate today in a snapshot. If you find some foods that aren’t in the database, reach out to to get it added. We are a small team, and we are here for you to make life easier.

About our company

We wanted a food app that was fun and a joy to use. Not, in essence, an admin tool. We created Spoonme to connect with people, share the recipes we love, host salsa parties, and help us be deliberate in our eating habits.

Matt and Kylee