Your best you is within reach. We'll help you get there.

Building a great life takes intention and finding the joy in the journey. Spoonme helps you be deliberate with your food choices while celebrating food, community, and culture with the people you love.

How does Spoonme help you?

Features to make tracking food easy and effective

The tools you use shape your success. Spoonme makes tracking easy by focusing on consistency and transparency.

Saving you time

We are not trying to sell you ads. We try to get you in and out as fast as possible.

Consistent measurements

All our ingredients are based on 100g measurements. Track your food easily and consistently.

Save your greatest hits

Most of us eat things consistently. We save you time by making sure those are front and center for fast tracking.

Understand your habits

We try to provide you insights by showing you what you consistently eat, looking for patterns that could be hindering progress.

Create your recipes

Add your favorite recipes in. Easily track the portion you eat of them through intuitive defaults.

Consistent Updates

We are only just getting started. Over the we will be pushing updates to improve our tools.

Our Team

Meet our humans

We are a small team that intends to stay small and make the best software possible. We believe that we can make the most useful tool on the market by obsessing about our customers and their needs.


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